Universal Service Provision (USP) is an initiative by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission to achieve the following objectives:
  1. Provide collective and individual access to communications in underserved areas;
  2. Encourage the use of ICT to build a knowledge society;
  3. Contribute towards the socio-economic development of local communities; and
  4. Bridge the digital divide

To realize these goals, several projects have been implemented in various stages since 2002, and to-date we have initiated 6 main projects nationwide.  These are:

  1. 1Malaysia Internet Centre
  2. Community WiFi (previously known as 1Malaysia Wireless Village)
  3. Community Broadband Libraries
  4. Cellular Coverage Expansion - Time 3
  5. 1Malaysia Netbook
  6. Basic telephony access

Since 2013, the focus of USP has expanded to include underserved communities and persons in urban areas.  In March 2013, the first 1Malaysia Internet Centre for the Urban Poor was opened in the government’s low-cost housing project in Kuala Lumpur.  Many more are in the pipeline and will be implemented gradually.

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