Eligibility criteria for 1Malaysia Netbook

Terms and Conditions of Acceptance for 1Malaysia Netbook through the National Broadband Initiative

  1. Recipient must be a Malaysian citizen.
  2. The monthly household income must not exceed RM3,000.00 a month.
  3. Each household is eligible for only one (1) 1Malaysia Netbook.
  4. The interested recipient must understand the Eligibility Criteria and Terms and Conditions as well as fill in the application form for the 1Malaysia Netbook.  All information declared must be true and correct.
  5. The successful applicant must be personally present to collect the 1Malaysia Netbook.
  6. Application forms of recipients who are students must contain the consent and signature of parents or guardians.
  7. Applicants who are students must get their application forms reviewed and verified by the Headmaster/Dean of their educational institution.
  8. Applicants who are not students must get their application forms reviewed and verified by their Community leader/head (Penghulu).
  9. During collection of the 1Malaysia Netbook, applicant must bring along the original identification card (MyKAD) with the completed application form during collection day.
  10. It is the duty of the recipient to inspect the condition of the 1Malaysia Netbook upon receiving it.  In case of malfunction during the warranty period, please refer to the sticker attached at the bottom of the netbook to lodge a complaint with the relevant netbook vendor.
  11. Recipient is responsible for ensuring the netbook is not misused in any way.  Recipient is encouraged to install anti-virus software, refrain from distributing pornographic materials or participate in any online activities that would cause racial disharmony, hatred, sedition, or trading of illegal contraband that is against Malaysian laws.
  12. If the recipient fails to comply with these Terms and Conditions or have declared false information, the 1Malaysia Netbook will be confiscated.
  13. Recipient must take good care of the netbook and must not re-sell or give away the netbook to another person.
  14. The netbook must not be sold. Stern action will be taken against offenders.

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