Other Initiatives

Other Initiatives – ETP/GTP Collaboration with Ministries



  • More than 10,000 People Connected

  • Pasukan Gerakan Am (PGA) - Pengkalan Hulu

  • PI1M Pengkalan Hulu – Gunung Inas

GTP (NKRA) – Basic Rural Infrastructure

Road, Electricity and Water

  • More than 7km of road upgraded
  • More than 15 household and 3 long houses provided with electricity and/or water
  • Jalan Lawas-Punang

  • New pipeline at Lawas

Under the nation’s Economic Transformation and Government Transformation programs, the Commission along with the Ministry of Rural and Regional Development has selected 10 Universal Service Provision sites for joint coordination to provide basic infrastructure. Communications infrastructure via cellular and broadband will be provided by the Commission.  The Ministry of Rural and Regional Development will provide infrastructure for water, electricity and road.

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