1Malaysia Internet Centre

What is 1Malaysia Internet Centre or Pusat Internet 1Malaysia (PI1M)?

Pusat Internet 1Malaysia (PI1M) is an initiative by the Commission to offer basic Internet access and ICT training to users in underserved areas.

When was the initiative executed?

The rollout of the first PI1M began in 2007.

How do I submit interest to have a PI1M near where I live?

PI1M locations are selected based on specific criteria and guidelines set by the Commission with the assistance of other governmental agencies and local authorities.
The selection of service provider to build the PI1M is determined through a fair and transparent tender process by licensees under the Communications and Multimedia Act (CMA 1998).

What is the methodology for implementation of PI1M?

The process will go through an open tender and bidders have to abide by the Communications and Multimedia (Universal Service Provision) Regulations 2002. Please refer to this website from time to time for notice of tenders.

What are the requirements to join the bidding process?

The bidding party has to hold Network Service Provider (Individual), Network Facilities Provider (Individual) and Applications Service Provider under the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998. Please refer to this link for further information.

What are the services and facilities on offer at PI1M?

Users get to experience high speed broadband connectivity at PI1M. For people living in the vicinity of PI1M they will enjoy Wi-Fi facilities provided under the 1Malaysia Wireless Village project as well. PI1M comes equipped with 20 computer terminals with pre-loaded applications, and faxing and printing service. Free ICT courses are also provided. Courses will be administered and conducted by the PI1M manager and the assistant manager.

Who are the users of the PI1M?

PI1M services are open to people from all walks of life regardless of age.

Do I need to register to be a user of PI1M?

Users are encouraged to register as members to receive a discounted rate for the services and facilities offered.

Are there charges imposed on users?

There are minimal charges imposed on users of PI1M.

I am interested in participating in courses on offer at PI1M. What are the fees imposed to join the programme?

The courses on offer are free to members. Users are advised to talk to the PI1M managers for further clarification.

Are there differences between PI1M and the conventional cybercafés?

Services provided at the PI1M are monitored by a Centralised Monitoring System and managers will ensure that there is no abuse by users. In addition to this, campaigns designed by the Commission are expected to create awareness and guidelines for positive use of the Internet.

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